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Tropical Bed Bug: Cimex Hemipterus

Habitats & breeding places: Can be easily spotted with their characteristic visible small brown,
black marks on walls, near cracks, crevices in beds, mattresses, bed sheets, wall papers, electrical fittings, furniture which are excreta. Houses with heavy population have unpleasant smell.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Services


Mainly by crawling from one bedroom to other, spread from one house to another in second hand furniture, beddings, clothes. (From theatres, halls, hospitals, hostels etc.

Importance as pest:

Major is the biting nuisance at times causing red spots, itching, local inflammation on skin, sleepless nights, secondary infections after scratching also may become cause for mild anemia in infants.

Bed Bugs Management Contract Types:

Maintenance Contract : 3 Months

Service Schedule :2 Services (Initial + Follow up Service within 15 to 20 Days after Initial Treatment

Maintenance Contract : 6 Months Contract

Service Schedule :  3 Services (Initial + Follow up Service within 15 to 20 Days after Initial Treatment & 3rd Service after 3 months of Initial Treatment

Service Schedule : 12 Months

Service Schedule : Annual Contract (AMC) 5 Services (Initial + Follow up Service within 15 to 20 Days after Initial Treatment & than Quarterly Services

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Termiticide Approved Treatment

Protection up to 10 years depending on the soil condition & structure.

Treatment Schedule:

Thorough inspection of places that offers darkness, isolation & protection to bed bugs holds the key to the success of the control treatment Involves the use of labeled residual & non residual insecticide formulation coupled with physical measures to ensure wiping out of all developmental stages i.e. eggs, nymphs & adults

Follow up service in identical specification to initial treatment to be strictly done after 15-20 days ensuring the maximum control level & than followed by applicable services schedule as per the contract terms.

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