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Mosquitoes are important vectors of numerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, filarisis that are of serious public health concern. Besides these diseases carrying abilities, biting mosquito can be terribly annoying. Some of the most common mosquito species of public health importance belongs to genus Anopheles, Aedes and Culex


Eliminate mosquito-breeding habitat (for larvae, pupae) by cleaning out gutters, drainage ditches and other areas where stagnated water may be present such as ponds, lake edges, artificial containers (tyres, construction depressions), artificial subterranean water (septic tank and sewage).Sanitary land- fill can often be used in such locations to eliminate breeding sites.<br>

 Screening windows, doors and other opening with mesh.

Remove excess, unwanted vegetation or trash from around any standing water source.

Mosquito Pest Control

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Termiticide Approved Treatment

Protection up to 10 years depending on the soil condition & structure.


Green Leaf’s mosquito solutions program designed phase-wise as follows:


To determine the number and species of both adultand larvae to be controlled.

Source reduction:

Elimination of breeding places.


Control of mosquito larvae after maximum possible source reduction accomplished by using various larvicidal sprays.

Adult mosquito control:

Eco-friendly and safe space spraying coupled with fogging during late evening or early morning hours so as to coincide with the period of greatest activity of the adult mosquito species to be controlled.

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