Green Leaf Pest Control

Fly Solutions


House flies are one of the most common and familiar of insect pest living close to human being, which because of their habit of seeking out such things as animal manure, human excreta as a breeding areas and of moving about over a large variety of food material become common carrier of diseases such as typhoid, fever, cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea.


Sanitation :

(frequent, simple and practical) elimination of breeding areas such as decaying organic material, uncovered food, garbage and animal excrement.

Screening :

Screening to windows, doors and other vulnerable opening.


Green Leaf’s effective fly Solution designed as below

  • Controlling fly larvae by the application of residual larvicides in the breeding areas such as garbage, food waste, sewage etc.
  • Outdoor space spray with eco-friendly and safe insecticides to reduce the adult fly population.
  • In some special control situation, attractive fly bait traps may also be used to supplement above control measures and for frequent monitoring of fly population.