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Rodents, which comprise rats, mice, bandicoots are among the most persistent and damaging group of pest with great economic importance due to their role in problem of food and health of human being.
Rodents are not only nuisance, they damage and destroy material by gnawing, and they contaminate stored food and are also of human health importance as diseases carriers (vectors) of infectious jaundice, leptospirosis, plague, and salmonella.


Sanitation :

Adopt good housekeeping practices by keeping vulnerable areas like Garbage disposal, obscure corners, shelves, under and in cabinets clean. Eliminate outside harbourage areas by minimizing grass, weed, and vegetation near surroundings, rock piles, rubbish old equipment etc.

Rat proofing :

Judicious use of metal sheets, concretes, metal guards to plug the opening or rat entry points such as window bottoms and edges of exterior doors, wooden walls, pipes and wires running upside wall.


Green Leaf’s rodent control solutions primarily based on maximum possible practical implementation of recommendation made i.e. Sanitation and rat proofing upon which following solutions are designed to obtain maximum Rodent control.

Perimeter control
Sealing strategic placement of weatherproof bait stations using registered, eco-friendly and safe to non-target rodenticides along with frequent monitoring and service. Use of nontoxic glue boards and mechanical traps for the specialized areas concern.
Persistent follow-ups and monitoring of recommendations pertaining to rat proofing and sanitation to minimize reinfestation.